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In today’s market, many homeowners have considered “going it alone” and selling their homes without the help of a REALTOR® to “save the commission.” However, once they realize how complex and intimidating a real estate transaction can be, many people reconsider and enlist the services of a REALTOR®. There are more than 145 steps to complete a real estate transaction. It requires an organized, step-by-step approach that many homeowners just don’t have the time, skill or experience to carry out.

A REALTOR® provides a variety of services including help in setting a listing price within current market guidelines. They develop a marketing plan, offer recommendations and advice to make your home more attractive and “saleable,” and act on your behalf during negotiations to ensure your interests are protected.

 Our Top Listing Tips

– Don’t take things personally
– Be available and accommodating
– Take advice carefully
– Be open about problem issues
– Work with your Realtor®
– Accept market conditions
– Count on us the work hard for you.

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