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There are a number of things you can do to simplify the process of buying a new home, including defining financial parameters, potential neighborhoods and the desired features in your next home. Let Lisa MacIntosh be the REALTOR® to help you find the perfect home.

Let Lisa MacIntosh Find You Your Dream Home!

Do you need an extra bathroom, a garage, a fenced backyard, or lower utility bills? Do you want a fireplace, a short drive to work, or maybe minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, decide what is most important to your lifestyle.

“Throughout my 10 years in Fredericton, I moved a total of 8 times and Lisa has been my one constant throughout it all. I have had to make many decisions concerning my living arrangements, and Lisa has displayed patience, sound knowledge, and constant support. I know I can call her at a moment’s notice and she will always pick up, willing to help me out with anything I ask. She doesn’t treat her clients as business transactions, but has a genuine compassion and makes the best decisions for each individual case. She is efficient, makes her clients a priority, takes pride in her work and also makes me feel that she is proud to represent me and my home.  She also has up to date knowledge of relevant social media platforms and curates innovative ways to share her listings with a broad client base. Lisa is a top notch realtor and one that I will continue to deal with for many years to come.”

Marion Hachey, Fredericton NB

Darian & Cameron are first-time-buyers that Lisa helped.

Lisa Top Buying Tips

  1. Watch Your Finances

    Don’t buy if you can’t stay put. Aim for a home you can afford.

  2. Do Your Homework

    Do your homework before bidding. Buy in a district with good schools.

  3. Credit Check

    Before looking, get pre-approved. Start by shoring up your credit. If you can’t put down the usual 20 percent, you may still qualify for a loan.

  4. Get Help

    Get professional help from an approved REALTOR®.


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